For Business Owners and Leaders

Workplace Partners offers EAP Services to small and medium sized employer organizations. Our services are individualized and consultative based on direct knowledge of the employer organization, it's workplace and culture.

For Employees

  • Problem Assessment/Short-Term Counseling related to psychological, life transition, family and relationship issues/Referrals for Long-Term Services
  • Worklife Resources
    • Consultation
    • Referrals-Childcare/Educational Resources, Eldercare Resources, Financial Problems (Budgeting, Debt Management and Emergency Resources)
  • Legal Consultation, Resources and Identity Theft Protection
  • General Wellness and Health Information
  • A Library of Information On-line, including Self Assessments
  • Help with Addiction Issues

For Employer

Management Consultation to address:

  • Absenteeism
  • Performance Issues
  • Behavior and Attitude Problems

Managers may use direct referrals to the EAP as a tool.

Critical Incident Follow Up

Debriefing and support services to workplaces experiencing accidents, employee deaths, disasters, violence, robberies, or other trauma.

Organizational Development Services

Training and Presentations

Addressing Grief and Loss
How to Negotiate for what you want
Balancing Work and Family
Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle
Being Resilient
Managing Change in the Workplace
Dealing with Difficult People
Positive Thinking, Positive Talk
Developing Assertiveness
Ready, Set, Goals!(How to make and achieve them.)
Drug Free Workplace Training
Resolving Conflict
Getting Organized
Stress Reduction
Effective Workplace Communication
Team Building
Emotional intelligence
Time Management
Employee Abuse in the
Workplace / Hostile Environments
Understanding Cultural Diversity
Handling the Holidays
Violence Free Workplace Training for Supervisors
Handling Workplace Conflict
What you need to know about Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Small Biz Partners*

Traditionally, Employee Assistance Programs, although initially developed in the mid twentieth century, were not designed with small businesses and organizations in mind. Most of the reasons for this were economic.

Workplace Partners, Small Biz Partners has developed an innovative model for EAP services for business and employer organizations with 10 - 99 employees including Employee Assistance, Work Life resources, a legal services plan, and organizational development services.

*Brought to you by Reese-Fisher and Associates, LLC, Doreen Reese Nunnally and Carol W. Fisher.

We can establish an EAP for your business organization in a short period of time, usually within 30 days. Contact us for more information.

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